Living With Unforgiveness

By Les Morgan, D. Min. Is it Unchristian to be Unforgiving? For a Christian to be willfully unforgiving is unthinkable. We who have been forgiven by God Himself have no right to withhold forgiveness from our fellow sinners. In fact, Scripture plainly commands us to forgive in the same manner as we have received forgiveness: “Be kind… Continue reading Living With Unforgiveness


Four Levels of Counseling Issues

In 2008, Family Life Ministries produced an article that introduced the four levels of counseling issues. Those categories help provide "shelves" for organizing problems that people face and the impact of those struggles. Because I have benefited from this article I am posting most of its contents. I trust you will likewise find it helpful. It is as… Continue reading Four Levels of Counseling Issues


Revolution is Really Possible

By Les Morgan, D. Min. Journalist Barbara von der Heydt, a television correspondent in Germany in 1991, reported on the peaceful revolution that undermined the Soviet Union. As she interviewed people throughout Russia and Eastern Europe, she came to a startling conclusion. The most overlooked part of the story, she realized, was the nature of… Continue reading Revolution is Really Possible


Are You Thankful?

By Les Morgan, D. Min. Have you ever been around someone who is known for having a complaining, griping spirit? It's about as exciting as learning you are having warm, wilted lettuce for lunch. When you see a complainer coming toward you in the grocery store, you quickly look for a cardboard box in the aisle… Continue reading Are You Thankful?


The Bible – God’s Book Assuring Confidence to All Who Believe

By Les Morgan, D.Min.           The Bible is the most amazing book ever written in the history of the world. It is the inspired, infallible and inerrant word of God. Though many have attempted to dismiss it from cultures in various countries, the Bible continues to impact people of all lands… Continue reading The Bible – God’s Book Assuring Confidence to All Who Believe


A Little Change Can Change Lives

By Les Morgan, D.Min.           As a pastor who addresses an audience at least three times a week, I am always reading stories, commentaries, the Bible and other materials, and then filing things away in a topical system.           Recently I received the following story from a… Continue reading A Little Change Can Change Lives


Made in the Image of God Much of our secularized society has come to view human beings as little more than biological machines. According to this outlook, you and all the people you know are really no more than the tissue structures of the human brain interacting with its environment. It is frequently assumed that all of our thoughts, emotions,… Continue reading Made in the Image of God